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  • Disclaimer: Please note all purchases with fraudulent intent will be reported to the police and FBI. This includes and is not limited to purchases using stolen credit cards (a credit card not belonging to you), hacking into someone else's paypal account to make a purchase, and falsifying that a package/order was not delivered. Suspicious purchases and failed attempts to make a purchase with a stolen credit card will also be reported to the police and FBI. We video record the packaging of all orders to ensure all customers receive what they ordered.

  • Shipping: We charge $7.50 flat rate shipping, fill your cart and buy as much as you want. All items are insured by us or by the USPS or Fedex. We make every attempt to package your items for a safe delivery. All toys and collectibles are packed using at times a combination of bubble wrap, peanut shells, foam and shipping paper and are placed in a box.  All comics are sandwiched by at the very least 2 cardboards and are placed in a gemini shipper, cardboard envelope. If need be we will place bubble wrap around the comics to make sure they are rigid in the shipping box.Special holidays and weather events may cause package delays.

  • Order confirmation: An email will be sent to notify you that we got your order. If you do not see it check your spam box. Feel free to contact us at if you do not get an order confirmation email. I will forward you a copy per request.

  • International shipping/freight forwarding: We do not offer international shipping as we do not have permission from the United States government to do so. We do not ship to freight forwarders as we only mail using the USPS and Fedex. All items with an international address and freight forwarding address will be refunded. 

  • Promotions: We do send emails to customers to notify them of promotions. If you receive one of these emails and wish to not get anymore promotional emails, please email back: "Unsubscribe." We will then take you off our email list.  

  • Returns: Returns are accepted within 10 days of receipt. We do not refund shipping costs. We cannot cancel orders once shipped. Comics, toys and collectibles must be returned in the same condition when received. If the toy is sealed with tape(s) or glue, it must be returned un-tampered with. For Funko Pops if it is visible that the Funko Pop has been taken out of the box (box damage, window damaged), the return will be rejected. Orders sent to a wrong address or address not found will not be refunded, that said please double check your shipping address when checking out. Please notify us of a return at During return shipping process, if postage is due then that exact amount will be deducted from your total refund and we will show photos of the receipt from shipping service. to After 10 days of receipt all sales will then be final.

  • Payments: At this time we only take credit cards, debit cards and paypal for a form of payment online. (We may request additional identification documents to process certain order).

  • Tracking: All orders online will have a tracking number assigned. Processing usually takes 1 to 3 business days unless if we are at a show or out of state on a hunt for comics and toys. We will let you know if there is a delay. Typically shipping is estimated to take 3 to 7 days but with the upcoming election and holiday season we are seeing shipping delays up to 21 days. Please keep this in mind when ordering.

  • Comic Book Grading:  We use a combination of referencing the Overstreet Guide and use our years of experience of buying comics nationwide at Comic Cons and Local Comic Stores to determine our grading. We are always talking to Overstreet Advisors and reputable comic dealers to stay up to date on grading of books. The following are the comic grades we assign: NM/MT, NM+, NM, NM-, VF/NM, VF+, VF, VF-, FN/VF, FN+, FN, FN-, VG/FN, VG+, VG, VG-, GD/VG, GD+, GD, GD-, FR/GD, FR, PR, INC. That being said our grading is our opinion, if you want to see more pictures we are more than happy to take more photos to help you determine the grade yourself. We make no promises that a comic that we advertise will get the grade we have in our description as we do not work or have worked for a reputable comic book grading company. 

  • Toy conditions: We do our best to supply actual photo(s) of each toy. If you would like additional photos please do not hesitate to reach out to us. If paint conditions, box conditions are a deciding factor to you, we can definitely take more photos for you. Just ask. 

  • Photos for each listing: Please note most listings have a stock photo (not the actual product we are selling) as the first photo in the listing's gallery. Actual photos of the product are shown on the other photos of the listing. 

  • Please check our schedule and if there is anything you want to see in person, you can contact us at

  • Emailing/Phishing Policy, we do not sell your email address or PII, Personal Identifiable Information to anyone and any entity or other types of marketing companies. 

  • We will try to make everything right if you have a reasonable issue. We want happy customers. Don't hesitate to contact us at

  • You can always personally speak to our owner at for any other questions or concerns.

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