• WCW Monday Nitro Series Kevin Nash Wrestling Figure [Crack Bubble]

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    Height : 7'1"

    Weight: 367 lbs

    Hometown : Phoenix, AZ

    Standing 7'1" Kevin Nash is a towering measuring stick for wrestling's future. Partnered with NWO member Scott Hall as the champion tag team "The outsiders" the two are bad-to-the-bone awesome.

    Nash has a "special" direct wau of communicating like jacknifing WCW executive VP Eric Bischoff through a table. The impact of persuasion is amazing-Bischoff soon joined the NWO. Action is one thing, but talk is something that Nash works like a master.Equipped with a lightning wit and superior intelligence.Nash dishes out biting banter faster than McDOnald's. Finding humor in most things, except when he makes a joke of opponents, Nash is the "soul" of the NWO.

    With his good NWO friends Scott Hall and Syxx, Nash enjoys having fun whenever hs can find it. Soakiing up life at rapid fire, he likes cruising the tube, reading everything, watching hot movies or soaking up backbeats from rap tp rock-n-roll.

    The "big man"Kevin Nash fits a tall order for wrestling's future. He is class and dignity withh a little thugery thrown-in which makes him "NWO 4 Life!"

    • Brand   SF Toymakers
    • Year      1997
    • Real Wrestling Sounds 
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