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Publisher: Orbit

Cover by John Buscema. Stories and art by John Buscema, Mort Leav, Harry Anderson, and Bill Woolfolk. Bloody pre-Code crime comics, in imitation of Crime Does Not Pay - including a top-hatted, otherworldly narrator. The twist is that the publisher offers wanted posters (and rewards) for real-life criminals. Murdered Marv returns from the grave for vengeance, in a macabre early story (and cover) by future Marvel and Conan legend John Buscema. Georges is sentenced to a brutal prison in Guiana, and swears revenge on the accomplices who betrayed him. The Great Unsolved Mysteries contest invites readers to ponder the murder of a man who made many enemies. Make Way for Murder; Coin of Killers; His Last Meal!; Great Unsolved Mysteries: The Model Murder; Wanted: William Lamerato, Alias Sam Harris; The Condemned! 32 pages, Full Color. Cover price $0.10.

Wanted Comics 50 CGC 4.5 Off-WH

SKU: 4383881011
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