Star Wars (1998 Dark Horse 1st Series) #79 NM
  • Star Wars (1998 Dark Horse 1st Series) #79 NM

    Published Oct 2005 by Dark Horse.

    WELLES HARTLEY (W), DOUG WHEATLEY (A), and BRAD ANDERSON (C) On sale June 29, FC, 32pg, $2.99. In the aftermath of the events in Episode III, Jedi on opposite ends of the galaxy try to come to terms with how their world has changed. On the run, with enemies on every side, it seems that their only hope may be to locate others of their kind and band together for mutual survival. But what may seem like wisdom could lead to unsuspected consequences, and the path to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant leads only to danger! Republic embarks on the first step into the "dark times" after Revenge of the Sith! Cover price $2.99.

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