• Mister Miracle And Big Barda DC Direct Deluxe Action Figure Set

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    Born onr New Genesis but raised on the nightmare world of Apokolips, Scott Free was trained by Granny Goodness to become one od Darsei's warriors. An unquenchable thirst fot freedom led him to flee Apokolips and travel to Earth, where he became an escape artist, inheriting the name and comstume of Mister Miracle from its originator, Thaddeus Brown, Now, with the aid of his Mother Box, Aero Disks, and countless other gimmicks, Mister Miracle has become world's greatest escape artist.


    As Granny Goodness's prize pulpil, Barda was the leader of the dread Female Furies. But an encounter with Scott Free, who was still trying escape from Apokolips, struck a spark of freedom in Barda's soul. She soon joined Scott on Earth, where she battles for justice by his side, using her incredible strength and powerful Mega-Rod.


    After serving as assiatant to the original Mister Miracle, Oberon became Scott Free's aide. Although hot-tempered, Oberon is devoted to Scott and does his best to minimize the risks Scott takes as an escape artist.

    • INCLUDES : 

          Mister Miracle's Removable Cape

          Big Barda's Removable Helmet

          Big Barda's Omega Rod

      BONUS !!  OBERON Action Figure

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