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  • Smart-aleck mercenary Wade Wilson discovered with cancer. Promised a cure by Canada’s weapon x program if he agreed to undergo an experimental medical procedure, Wilson was given a powerful healing that allows him to heal from any injury, except the hideous scarring that covers every inch of his body. The healing factor also affects the neurons in his brain, causing erratic behavior, mood swings, and irrational beliefs ; it also caused his movements to be highly unpredictable , making him difficult to defeat in hand-to-hand combat.

    This exclusive unmasked PVC diorama of Deadpoo is 9-inch scale based on his appearance in Marvel Comics, and features a high level of detail and exacting paint applications.

    Sculpted by Jean St. Jean.

Marvel Gallery Unmasked Deadpool Exclusive 9-Inch PVC Figure Statue Exclusive

SKU: 699788828861
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