Lego Creator Minster Truck 31101
  • Lego Creator Minster Truck 31101

    SKU: 673419317344
    • DIMENSIONS [BOX]  10.25" X 5.5" X 1.75"
    • Number of Pieces: 163 Pcs
    • Inspire creative play with this thrilling set, featuring 3 toy modelsin 1, a monster truck, a muscle car with finish line and dragster. Makes a great giffor kids Building and ebuilding extends the play endlessly
    • What challenges lie ahead kidscan grow their imaginations and uilding skills in new ways as Theyrace around in a monster truck, cruise in the muscle car, set ecords in the dragster or build something completely new
    • This set ffers kids3 options: A Creator 3in1 Monster Truck 31101, a muscle car or a supr-fast dragster. kidscan play with this set n its own or combine it with other LEGO sets to grow their building skills
    • Any fan of creative building will love this incredible set. The powerful monster truck, sleek race car and un dragster toy modelswork as great holiday, birthday or any-occasion giftfor boys and irls aged 7+
    • The fun starts when the boxopens. Children can build and ebuild any 1 of the 3 model toys as the easy-to-follow instructions help make assembly a snap, leading to pride in creating and oads of imaginative fun
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