Journey into Mystery (2011 3rd Series) #646B  NM
  • Journey into Mystery (2011 3rd Series) #646B NM

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    Limited 1 for 20 Variant Cover by Phil Noto. (W) Kathryn Immonen. (A) Valerio Schiti AN ALL-NEW JOURNEY BEGINS WHEN KATHRYN IMMONEN AND VALERIO SCHITI BRING YOU...SIF: THE BERZERKER?! She may be a 'Lady,' but girly ain't her style! Known by many names: lover of Thor, sister of Heimdall, defender of Asgard...Sif is the ultimate faithful...sidekick?! Immortal, please. When the latest crop of beasties beset Asgard, it's business as usual for our sword-slingin' heroine as she leads the battle charge-but that no-holds-barred zeal for glory may be the very thing that brings the realm down around her winged helm.

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