It Really Happened #5 (William H. Wise) GD
  • It Really Happened #5 (William H. Wise) GD

    Cover by Alex Schomburg. Stories and art by Alex Schomburg, Leo Morey, Nat Schachner, and Homer Fleming. Biography, history and real war stories in comics form, part of a trend in non-fiction comics in the 1940s. Aviation pioneer Amelia Earhart dares new boundaries and disappears into history; Alice in Wonderland author Lewis Carroll is also a math whiz who creates logic puzzles; Lou Gehrig becomes a baseball legend in his own tragically short life. Monarchs of the Sea the Story of Whaling; Israel Putnam Who Dared Lead Where Any Dared to Follow; John Brashear, Beloved Lens-Maker and Astronomer; Amelia Earhart; Rockets to the Moon; Lou Gehrig, Baseball's Iron Horse; Jean Fabre; James Pattie, Messenger of the Gila Valley; Lewis Carroll; Sir Nathan B. Forrest, Leader of the Daring Forrest Rangers. 48 pages, Full Color. Cover price $0.10.

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