• Giant Size Man-Thing (1974) #4 VF/NM Early Appearance Howard the Duck

    Published May 1975 by Marvel.

    Cover art by Frank Brunner. "The Kid's Night Out!", script by Steve Gerber, pencils by Ed Hannigan and Ron Wilson, inks by Frank Springer; Panic in the sky as the most startling slime-creature of all stalks the hallowed halls of a terrified high school; Prejudice and hypocrisy plays a big part in a kids death. "Frog Death!", script by Steve Gerber, art by Frank Brunner; Howard the Duck falls through the dimensions back to Earth and must face Garko the Man-frog. "I Entered the...Doorway to Doom!" (reprinted from Strange Tales #72), art by Steve Ditko; A Russian farmer becomes a gold miner and uncovers a doorway into a dimension of malevolent beings; When the army comes for the man's gold they ignore his warnings to leave the doorway. "The Man With No Past" (reprinted from Journey into Mystery #21), script by Paul S. Newman, art by Joe Maneely; A claustrophobic artist seeks help from a psychiatrist and it turns out he has no memories from more than one year before. Marvel Value Stamp #36 (Ancient One). 68 pgs., full color. Cover price $0.50.

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