• Ghostbusters Diamond Select Toys Walter Peck Action Figure

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    Walter Peck Deluxe Action Figure With Accessories And Diorama Piece

    • Shortly after establishing thier buisiness, and in the midst of a spike in supernatural sightings, the Ghostbusters drew the interest of the Environmental Protection Agency. Representative Walter Peck visited the firehouse, and inquired about the science behind their technology, specifically the ghost storage facility located in the building's basement. When he was turned away, he returned with a court order, a plice officer and an electirical technician, at which point he shut down the ectoplasmic containment grid, unleashing a horde of ghosts ( including the first ghost ever captured at the Sedgewick Hotel) upon the city of New York. This 7-inch-scale action figure is based on the 1984 feature film Ghostbusters, and features multiple points of articulations as well as accessories and diorama parts. It was sculpted by Gentle Giant Studios.
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