Ghostbusters Diamond Select Toys Janine Melnitz Action Figure
  • Ghostbusters Diamond Select Toys Janine Melnitz Action Figure

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    Janine Melnitz Deluxe Action Figure With Accessories And Diorama Piece

    • The Ghostbuster's only non-ghostbusting employee, Janine Melnitz is the office receptionist, screening all calls and visitors at their firehouse heaquarters. While work wa slow when the buisiness fist opened, a sudden spike in supernatural activity, presumably triggered by Gpzer's attempts to breach our dimension, caused her workload to increase a thousandfold. Constant reports og ghost sightings, not to mention constant billing, let her to request additional help. In her time with the company, she grew attached to her bosses, fiercely defending the office against interlopers from EPA, and developed a romantic interest in Egon Spengler. This 7-inch-scale action figure is based on the 1984 feature film Ghostbusters, and features multiple points of articulation as well as accessories and diorama parts. It was sculpted by Giant Studios.
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