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Published Nov 1970 by Marvel.

"Our World Enslaved!" Part 3 of 3. Guest-starring the Sub-Mariner. Script by Stan Lee. Pencils by John Romita. Inks by John Verpoorten. Cover by John Romita and John Verpoorten. After capturing both the Invisible Girl and Lady Dorma, the Master of Magnetism is in complete control! Magneto has neutralized the United States armed forces and cleared the way for the legions of Atlantis to storm New York City! In a matter of minutes, the X-Men's long-time foe captures the city and sets up his base of operations in Central Park! Unbelievable! Where in the world are the Fantastic Four?!? That's what President Nixon would like to know! Fortunately, one piece of real estate in Manhattan is still free...the Baxter Building! Inside Mr. Fantastic feverishly works on a special weapon to stop Magneto; but Ben, Johnny, and Crystal must buy him time against the attacking Atlanteans! Can Reed's electromagnetic energy converter repulse the Master of Magnetism? It looks like America's final hope! (Note: Magneto returns to battle the Inhumans in Amazing Adventures (2nd series) 9.) 32 pages Cover price $0.15.

Fantastic Four #104 VG

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