Detective Comics (1937 1st Series) #409 GD

Cover pencils by Neal Adams, inks by Dick Giordano. "Man in the Eternal Mask!," script by Frank Robbins, pencils by Bob Brown, inks by Frank Giacoia; Batman and an artist must discover the identity of a mysterious mutilator of the artists portraits. "Night of the Sharp Horns!," script by Frank Robbins, pencils by Don Heck, inks by Dick Giordano; Continuing from last issue... Barbara Gordon was in Madrid, Spain, to collect a rare manuscript for Gotham Library when she suddenly found herself caught up in a murder mystery involving an aging bull fighters lost bull; Suspecting bull fighter El Grandos, a young bullfighter named Paco, or the grounds keeper Manolo as potential suspected, Batgirl sets out to search for clue and stop the "Phantom Bullfighter" from striking again the next night. Letter to the editor from cartoonist Michael Cherkas. Statement of ownership - average print run 406,782; average paid circulation 209,630. 36 pgs., full color. $0.15. Cover price $0.15.

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