Detective Comics #344 FN+
  • Detective Comics #344 FN+

    Published Oct 1965 by DC.

    Written by Gardner Fox. Art by Sheldon Moldoff (ghosting for Bob Kane) and Joe Giella. Cover by Carmine Infantino and Joe Giella. The Crime-Boss Who Was Always One Step Ahead of Batman!; Johnny Witts, a clever criminal, deduces Batman and Robins crime fighting methods; luckily, they get him anyway. Written by John Broome. Art by Carmine Infantino and Sid Greene. Peril in Paris! starring Ralph Elongated Man Dibny and his wife, Sue Dibny. Are You a Litter-Bug? public service announcement by Jack Schiff, art by Henry Boltinoff. Letter to the editor from comics writer Mike Friedrich. Rocky and Bullwinkle star in a one-page Cheerios ad. 36 pages, full color. $0.12. Cover price $0.12.