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Published Jul 1964 by DC.

Cover by Bruno Premiani. 1st appearance and origin of the Teen Titans (Robin, Kid Flash, Aqualad) in "The Thousand-and-One Dooms of Mr. Twister," script by Bob Haney, art by Bruno Premiani; The townsfolk of Hatton Corners is in the midst of a dispute; The adults of the neighborhood feel that the teen populace are too wild and unruly, whereas the teens feel that the adults are too "un-hip" and incapable of relating to teenage problems; Ironically, the teen youth movement is led by Eddie Corliss, son of the town's mayor; Eddie organizes a club house meeting and invites three famous teen super-heroes to come to Hatton Corners to support their cause; They invite Aqualad, Kid Flash and Robin; Before the heroes arrive however, a crazed super-villain known as Mister Twister blusters through town riding atop a giant cyclone. Cap's Hobby Center by Henry Boltinoff. 36 Pages, Full Color. Cover price $0.12.

Brave and the Bold (1955 1st Series DC) #5 GD- [1st appearance of Teen Titans.]

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