Brave and the Bold (1955 1st Series DC) #51 FN [Presents Hawkman]
  • Brave and the Bold (1955 1st Series DC) #51 FN [Presents Hawkman]

    Published Jan 1964 by DC.

    Cover by Howard Purcell. "Fury of the Exiled Creature," script by Bob Haney, art by Howard Purcell; Atlantis is attacked by sea creatures, sending Aquaman and Aqualad to the rescue of their fellow Atlanteans; Aquaman is surprised to find that his ability to communicate with sea creatures has no effect; Tyros battles Hawkman and Hawkgirl on the surface with an army of birds; Fleeing the battle, Tyros takes Hawkgirl to the cave which contains the crystal that transformed him into the creature he now is; He uses it to turn Hawkgirl into a harpy and sends her out to attack Hawkman. One-page Peter Puptent Explorer story by Henry Boltinoff. 36 Pages, Full Color. Cover price $0.12.

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