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Published May 1979 by Marvel.

"The Redoubtable Return of Crusher Creel!" Part 1 of 2. Script by David Michelinie. Pencils by John Byrne. Inks by Klaus Janson. Cover by George Perez and Terry Austin. Ms. Marvel and the Falcon join the Avengers! And it won't be long before they see action! Down on the docks, Clint Barton is having lunch at a local diner when an angry patron bumps into him! It's Crusher Creel! Where did he come from? Forget that question. The better one is: who's going to stop him? Hawkeye makes a quick phone call to Avengers Mansion, and the battle is joined shortly thereafter! The Absorbing Man just wants to escape to South America, but Earth's Mightiest Heroes stand in his way! Meanwhile, Wanda and Pietro begin their cross-atlantic voyage to Europe with Django Maximoff. First 40¢ issue. Avengers Lineup: Beast, Captain America, Falcon, Hawkeye, Iron Man, Ms. Marvel, Vision, and the Wasp. (Notes: The Absorbing Man previously appeared in Incredible Hulk 209. The letters page includes a letter from comics writer Kurt Busiek.) 32 pages Cover price $0.40.

Avengers #183 NM [Ms. Marvel joins Avengers.]

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