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Published Jul 1976 by Marvel.

"The Gods and the Gang!" Part 7 of 7. Script by Steve Englehart. Pencils by George Perez. Inks by Sam Grainger. Cover by George Perez and Frank Giacoia (with touch-ups from John Romita). The Avengers return to the Brand Corporation facility on Long Island! And waste no time jumping into a brawl with Brand's private army! But Hugh Jones and Buzz Baxter have a secret weapon waiting for Earth's Mightiest Heroes...Orka, the human killer whale! Fortunately though, Moondragon and Thor have returned to New York following their Wild West adventure, and the two god-like avengers join the fight against Orka! Two fantastic battles will determine if the Avengers live or die: the thunder god vs. Orka...and Hellcat vs. Buzz Baxter! An awesome conclusion to the Serpent Crown saga! Cameo appearance by the Squadron Supreme. (Notes: Orka previously appeared in Sub-Mariner 67. This seven-part story was reprinted in 2005 in the trade paperback, Avengers: The Serpent Crown. The letters page includes a letter from comics artist Richard Howell. A 30-cent cover price variant exists for this issue.) Cover price $0.25.

Avengers 149 VF

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