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Published Feb 1975 by Marvel.

"Kang War II" Plot by Steve Englehart. Script by Roy Thomas. Art by Sal Buscema (layouts) and Joe Staton (finishes). Cover by Ron Wilson and Frank Giacoia. In a malevolent manner, Kang the Conqueror has teleported Earth's Mightiest Heroes to the labyrinths of limbo! And now the Legion of the Unliving stalks the Avengers one by one through the endless maze of stone corridors! Frankenstein's Monster begins the action by ambushing the thunder god! Then Midnight blindsides Mantis! However, Hawkeye and Shell-Head accidentally bump into one another and a glimmer of hope emerges for the heroes! But seconds later Baron Zemo, Wonder Man, and the original Human Torch attack! The golden avenger is the first to fall to the unliving legion. And nearby in the maddening maze, the Vision goes down next. Two avengers mortally wounded. Three others wandering around completely lost and alone. In their glorious history, the Avengers have battled through 132 issues, but at this moment the chances of there even being an issue 133…do not look good. Story continues in Giant-Size Avengers 3. Cameo appearances by Immortus, Rama-Tut, Libra, and the Cotati. Avengers Lineup: Iron Man, Hawkeye, Mantis, Thor, and the Vision. (Notes: Giant-Size Avengers 3 is simply a must-read. The letters page includes a letter from comics writer Mary Jo Duffy. The letters page also contains Marvel Value Stamp series A #78 The Owl by Gene Colan.) Cover price $0.25.

Avengers 132 VF+

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