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Published Aug 1974 by Marvel.

"All the Sounds and Sights of Death!" Script by Steve Englehart. Pencils by Bob Brown. Inks by Dave Cockrum. Cover by Ron Wilson and Mike Esposito. The Avengers' epic battle against Thanos is over. And now Earth's Mightiest Heroes turn their attention to other affairs…specifically the affairs of the heart. Tension has been building for several issues among the Swordsman, Mantis, the Vision, and the Scarlet Witch; and the love quadrangle is about to explode! But before the fireworks begin, T'Challa receives a visitor from Rudyarda (the African nation adjacent to Wakanda)! The ambassador from Rudyarda lures the Avengers outside their mansion and into an ambush! Klaw captures five avengers in a solid sound bubble and Solarr stands guards over them! So that leaves Cap, Shell-Head, and the thunder god one hour to free their teammates! But the key to victory lies with the avenger who knows Klaw the best…the Black Panther! Flashback cameos by the Man-Ape and the Lion God. (Notes: Klaw previously appeared in Fantastic Four 119. Due to events in his title, Captain America leaves the Avengers after this issue and doesn't return until issue 141. The letters page includes a letter from comics writer Ralph Macchio. The letters page also contains Marvel Value Stamp series A #46 Mysterio.) 32 pages Cover price $0.25.

Avengers #126 VF-

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