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Published Aug 1972 by Marvel.

"What To Do Till The Sentinels Come!" Part 1 of 3. Plot suggestion by Chris Claremont. Script by Roy Thomas. Pencils by Rich Buckler. Inks by Joe Sinnott. Cover by Rich Buckler, Joe Sinnott, and John Romita (touch-ups). What would the Vision do if he had the opportunity to become human? The synthezoid avenger might just have that chance! But what if the man providing the means and the materials were none other than the Avengers' long-time foe, the Grim Reaper? During a clandestine meeting on the lower east side, the questions are asked. Now what will be the Vision's answers? Meanwhile, the Sentinels (last seen in Uncanny X-Men 59) have set their sights on a different team of super-heroes! Specifically Earth's Mightiest Heroes! And even more specifically the Scarlet Witch! When Wanda takes an evening walk through Central Park, the Sentinels strike! Quicksilver and the Vision rush to the Scarlet Witch's side for the showdown in Central Park! An excellent issue! Cameo appearance by General Thunderbolt Ross. Avengers Lineup: Captain America, Hawkeye, Iron Man, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Thor, and the Vision. (Notes: The Grim Reaper previously appeared in Avengers 79. Wonder Man's comatose body appears for the first time since his apparent death in Avengers (1st series) 9.) 32 pages Cover price $0.20.

Avengers #102 VF/NM

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