Amazing Spider-Man (Marvel) #234 VF
  • Amazing Spider-Man (Marvel) #234 VF

    Published Nov 1982 by Marvel.

    "Now Shall Will-O'-the-Wisp Have His Revenge!" Part 2 of 4. Script by Roger Stern. Art by John Romita Jr. (breakdowns) and Dan Green (finishes). Cover by John Romita Jr. and Al Milgrom. Nose Norton is in the hospital; the Tarantula is severely wounded; and the web-slinger appears to have everything under control. But suddenly a wildcard enters the equation! Will-O'-the-Wisp! The Wisp wants revenge on the Brand Corporation! And the ghost-like villain begins his reprisal by destroying Brand's Boston facility! Meanwhile Aunt May's nephew infiltrates Brand's Queens facility to see what is happening there! And the amazing one gets an eyeful! The Brand Corp is trying to turn the Tarantula into a spider-man! The wall-crawler doesn't like that! And neither does Will-O'-the-Wisp! Cameo appearances by Joe Robertson, Ned Leeds, and J. Jonah Jameson. (Notes: This issue features a 16-page insert titled: "The Marvel Guide to Collecting Comics." Script by Mark Burbey. Cover illustration by Walt Simonson. Will-O'-the-Wisp previously appeared in Spectacular Spider-Man 57.) 48 pages. Cover price $0.60.