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Published Mar 1979 by Marvel.

"In Search of the Man-Wolf!" Part 2 of 2. Script by Marv Wolfman. Art by John Byrne (layouts) and Jim Mooney (finishes). Cover by Keith Pollard and Al Milgrom. In incredible fashion the Man-Wolf (aka John Jameson) has reappeared in Manhattan and snatched his father! And now the wondrous wall-crawler chases the lupine beast across the city to rescue Jonah! As Spider-Man and the Man-Wolf battle towards the East River, Professor Spence Smythe revels in his victory! The amazing one finally corners the Man-Wolf atop the Brooklyn Bridge! It's a place the web-slinger knows all too well. With John Jameson's life hanging in the balance, can the Amazing Spider-Man prevent history from repeating itself? A powerful two-part story. (Notes: The plot briefly crosses over with the story in Fantastic Four 204. The Man-Wolf returns in Savage She-Hulk 13 & 14; and battles the web-slinger again in Spectacular Spider-Man Annual 3.) 32 pages Cover price $0.35.

Amazing Spider-Man 190 VF [Man-Wolf appearance.]

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