Alien Xenomorph Mafex AF Action Figure
  • Alien Xenomorph Mafex AF Action Figure

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    From the 1979 horror classic, Alien, the xenomorph Big Chap has joined the MAFEX lineup.The main creature of the film 'THE ALIEN' - one of the most famous creature in Horror / Sci-Fi film history was made in to hundreds of collectible merchandise, from figures to statues. A "must-have" for the true collector.

     Figure Title:  Alien MAFEX No.084 Big Chap
    Manufacturer:  Medicom Toy
    Artists:         Prime body prototype production Fujimoto Yuki Movable production Hiroyuki Ogino Prototype Production PERFECT-STUDIO


    Series:  MAFEX
    Date:  2019 January