• 1994 Vintage Skeleton Warriors Shriek Action Figure

    SKU: 043377085065

    The peaceful World of Luminaire becomes the final battlegroud for the forces of light and dark. When Baron Dark attempts to steal the legendary Lightstar crystal. he causes the all-powerful stone to split, dividing the forces of good and evil. Baron Dark's portion of the crystal transfors him into a living skeleton and besows him with the power to change others of evil heart into warriors for his Skeleton legion.

    Prince Lightstar and his super-powered allies. The Legion of light, are the sole protectors of Luminaire. They possess the other half of the Lightstar Crystal-and with it. provide the final line of defense against Baron Dark and his invincible army,

    Contraol the Lightstar Crystal, Wint the war!

    It's the ultimate showdown between the forces of light and dark! it's a battle to the bone!

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