1992 Vintage G2 Generation 2 Megatron Tank [Missing Missile]
  • 1992 Vintage G2 Generation 2 Megatron Tank [Missing Missile]

    Figure is complete with all original parts and stickers (no missile). Electronics for cannon tested and worka.

    Owning to Hasbro's inability to re-release the original Megatron because that toy was a pistol, Generation 2 instead saw the release of an entirely new Megatron toy in 1992, now as a large green M1A1 Abrams main battle tank. His main gimmick is his gravity-fed cannon, which holds four of his missiles at once (the remaining two can store in clips inside his legs) and can rapidly launch them one after the other. Pulling back on the cannon's tab drops a missile into the firing tube and triggers a "lock and load" sound effect, and pressing the launch button is accompanied by a firing sound effect. In tank mode, pressing a panel on his forward section trigger's the toy's infamous battle cry of "Megatron Attack!", while pressing down on the tank body while it is on a flat surface activates engine noises.In robot mode, Megatron is, by the standards of the time, a very large robot, towering over all Generation 2 incarnations of Optimus Prime. His legs are immobile, but he has upper shoulder rotation and elbow joints; when raised, his left arm triggers an electronic laser sound effect. His cannon and all its sound effects still work in this mode, as does his "Megatron Attack!" sound effect, now triggered by pressing down on the figure's head. Megatron also features an autotransforming gimmick on the head, as it pops out once the cannon is slid to the right