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  • One of the greatest threats the galaxy has ever faced is the Mad Titan, Thanos, lover of Death and seeker of the Infinity Gems. Once a lone operator, he has in recent years bent numerous army, led by his lieutenants m the Black order. With all the Gems, placed on a mystical gauntlet, he can eradicate half of the galaxy with a snap of his fingers. But the heroes of multiple planets-Earth, Zenn-La, Hala and others - will always stand against him.

This Marvel Gallery PVC diorama of Thanos is based on his appearance in      Marvel Comics . It is made of a high-grade plastic, and features detailed sculpting and paint applications.

Designed by Caesar.

Sculpted by Alterton.

Marvel Gallery Thanos PVC Diorama Figure Statue Exclusive

SKU: 699788829233
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