Forbidden Worlds (1952) #20 VG+
  • Forbidden Worlds (1952) #20 VG+

    Published Aug 1953 by ACG.

    Cover by Ken Bald. Edited by Richard E. Hughes. Art by Jon L. Blummer, Sam Citron, Harry Lazarus and Charles Nicholas. An anthology series featuring tales of fantasy, horror, and science fiction from legendary early independent comics publisher ACG. An antique mirror is the doorway to another dimension; Jim and Sally discover that goblins are real, and become caught up in a war between the benevolent Forest Goblins and the malevolent Water Goblins; A mad doctor on a deserted island is creating human-animal hybrids (but his name isnt Moreau, its Kurtz). The Haunted Mirror!; The Transformation; War of the Goblins!; The Bog of Evil!; Terror Island! 32 pages, Full Color. Cover price $0.10.

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