What If (Marvel) #43 NM-
  • What If (Marvel) #43 NM-

    Cover art by Bill Sienkiewicz. "What if Conan the Barbarian were Stranded in the 20th Century?", script by Peter B. Gillis, art by Bob Hall; Still trapped in the 20th century, Conan becomes a gang leader; Guest starring Captain America. "Behold," script and pencils by Mark Gruenwald, inks by Jack Abel; After the destruction of Earth-82432, the three sole survivors--Dr. Strange, Phoenix, and the Silver Surfer—return; The three attempt to resurrect Eternity, but are dissuaded by Eternity's ghost, who wants to act as an object lesson for the multiverse; The Silver Surfer and Phoenix then leave for parts unknown, but Dr. Strange reasons that, as a Sorcerer Supreme, he would not be welcome in another Sorcerer Supreme's universe; Based on What if #32. Cover price $1.00.

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