Vault Of Horror (1950 E.C. Comics) #28 CGC 6.5 Off-White To White Pages
  • Vault Of Horror (1950 E.C. Comics) #28 CGC 6.5 Off-White To White Pages

    • Craig, Gaines & Feldstein stories
    • Johnny Craig, Jack Davis, George Evans & Graham Ingels art, Johnny Craig cover
    • Don/Maggie Thompson collection
    • Published Dec 1952 by EC
    • Cover by Johnny Craig. Ad for MAD magazine. "Till Death...", script and art by Johnny Craig; Steve stands at the dock as the ship, carrying his bride-to-be, sails into port; After Donna disembarks, they hurry off into the interior jungle in Haiti and get married in a simple ceremony; she dies, and he wants to bring her back. "The Chips Are Down!", script by Al Feldstein, art by Jack Davis; a violent sawmill story. "The Defiler" text story by William M. Gaines. "For How the Bell Tolls!", script by Al Feldstein, art by George Evans; Long ago, in a far-away land, there was a castle which had a belfry and a large bell hanging in it. Every time there was a special occasion, the royal bell ringer plied his trade, never letting his apprentice ring it. "We Ain't Got No Body!", script by Bill Gaines (co-plot) and Albert B. Feldstein (co-plot, script), art by Graham Ingels; The rotting corpse of Henry Bodwin confronts his brother Norton, and reminds him about when his two buddies and he conspired to kill him over the will in which Henry had made Norton his beneficiary. 36 pgs., full color. $0.10. Cover price $0.10.
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