Brave and the Bold (1955 1st Series DC) #60 GD- [1st Wonder Girl]
  • Brave and the Bold (1955 1st Series DC) #60 GD- [1st Wonder Girl]

    Published Jun 1965 by DC.

    Cover by Nick Cardy. 2nd appearance of the Teen Titans (and 1st appearance of the new Wonder Girl, Donna Troy, who joins the Titans) in "The Astounding Separated Man," script by Bob Haney, art by Bruno Premiani; The town of Midville has decided to have itself a "Teen Day" and the mayor elects a "Teen Mayor" for the next 24 hours to celebrate, choosing local boy Tommy Holmes; Suddenly, a menace the towns folk known as the Separated Man attacks again, sending a giant hand to terrorize the city; With this danger on the loose, Tommy calls in the newly formed Teen Titans: Robin, Aqualad, Kid Flash and Wonder Girl to come and rescue the city. Superman ad. Legendary Teams article about Jason and the Argonauts, Hercules, Castor, and Pollux. Cap's Hobby Center by Henry Boltinoff. Happy Hobby Time! public service announcement starring Superboy, script by Jack Schiff, art by Win Mortimer. 36 Pages, Full Color. Cover price $0.12.

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