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  • Sailor Moon Deluxe Adventure Dolls Sailor Moon Doll By Bandai 1995 New Sealed

    SKU: 045557034016

    Join Sailor Moon as she use her special powers to save the World from evil Queen Beryl! Doll has a poseable body, removable outfit, and beautiful hair you can style. Includes a miniature cosmic Crescent Wand that looks just like the ones our superheroes use. 



    Name: Serena / Sailor Moon

    Age :  14

    Birthday: June 30

    Likes: Eating, Video Games

    Dislikes: Surprise Tests in School

    Hobbies: Shopping

    Special Strength: Loyal Friend

    Favorite Food: Peanut Butter & Jelly, Icecream

    Favorite Color: Pink

    Favorite Animal: Bunny Rabbit

    Favorite Subject: Music