• Red Sonja (1977 1st Marvel Series) #1 VF/NM 1st Red Sonja solo series

    Published Jan 1977 by Marvel.

    Cover by Frank Thorne. The Blood of the Unicorn, script by Ed Summer, Roy Thomas, and Clara Noto, art by Frank Thorne; While wandering the forests of Argos, Red Sonja witnesses a warlord named Andar of Bezfarda attacking a unicorn; He cuts off the unicorn's horn in the hopes of obtaining its mystical properties; Red Sonja leaps down and liberates the unicorn from its attackers; She rides off with it, and both rider and mount develop a close bond. The Hulk stars in a one-page Hostess ad, "The Green Thumb." 36 pgs., full color. $0.30. Cover price $0.30

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