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Published Mar 1975 by Marvel.

Cover pencils by Gil Kane, inks by Tom Palmer. Daughters of the Death-Goddess, script by Tony Isabella, pencils by Arvell Jones, inks by Vince Colletta; Batroc becomes enraged when the Meachums refuse to pay him for failing to kill Iron Fist; Iron Fist arrives at the Wings to find dead cult members lying in rubble but no sign of his friends; Misty Knight arrives and attacks Danny whom she suspects has done something with Colleen; Iron Fist follows the Ninja to the underground Temple of Kali where he finds Lee and Colleen in chains; He battles the daughters of Kali, but the Sacred Volume of Kali is burned up in the conflict; This enrages the Ninja who splits off from Lee Wing whom he has been possessing and prepares to kill Iron Fist; Brief appearance by Batroc. 36 pgs. $0.25. Cover price $0.25.

Marvel Premiere #21 NM- [1st Appearance of Misty Knight]

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