Kotobukiya Marvel X-Men '92 Series: Professor X 1/10 Scale ArtFX+ Statue
  • Kotobukiya Marvel X-Men '92 Series: Professor X 1/10 Scale ArtFX+ Statue

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    KOTOBUKIYA Japanese import!  In 1992 the Fox Network revolutionized superhero comics adaptations with the groundbreaking animated series X-Men.  Featuring complex storylines pulled right from the pages of Marvel Comics as well as cool characters and high quality art, the cartoon gained instant acclaim and has continued to be popular to this day.  The highly collectible 1/10 scale figures of the X-Men ’92 series are rendered in the bold, dynamic style of the cartoon, their simplistic sculpting and vivid colors making them look as if they’ve jumped straight out of an animation cel.  Next up following the paired teammates Wolverine and Jubilee and Cyclops and Beast is the first single release in the line, the powerful telepath and man behind the dream of mutant equality PROFESSOR X!  Appearing for the first time in the ARTFX+ lineup Charles Xavier looks incredible seated in his bold yellow hover chair, a massive and weighty piece even at 1/10th scale.  The professor is captured in his iconic telepathy pose, a stern expression on his face as he holds one hand to his head and points with the other.  Sculpted by Keita Misonou, Professor X is nearly 8 inches tall (1/10th scale) floating above his base with an ingenious clear effect.  Display the mighty mutant on his own or alongside the previously released heroes, and keep an eye out for more X-Men ’92 statues coming soon!