• Jurassic World Dino Rivals Dual Attack Triceratops Dinosaur

    SKU: 887961752052
    • Medium-sized Jurassic World Dual Attack dinosaur action figures make battle action come alive with an all-new way to play!
    • Dual-button activation gets the battle action going for frighteningly fierce moves!
    • Buttons are located on the back and each one triggers a strike. Back button makes the tail strike; front button makes the head strike! Hold both buttons at once for dual tail and head-striking action!
    • Features realistic movie-inspired sculpting, articulation plus authentic color and texture
    • Medium size is perfect for collecting and playing out epic Jurassic World battle-action scenes!
    • Choose from the Concavenator, Parasaurolophus, Triceratops action figures and more (each sold separately, subject to availability)
    • Informative Dino Rivals collector card is included for each dinosaur with key battle stats and attributes
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