Iron Man (1968 1st Series) Annual #10
  • Iron Man (1968 1st Series) Annual #10

    SKU: 071486026433

    Published 1989 by Marvel.

    "Two if by Sea" Guest-starring the Sub-Mariner. Chapter 2 of the Atlantis Attacks storyline. Story by David Michelinie. Art by Paul Smith and Mike Gustovich. Cover by Bob Layton. Ghaur and Llyra recruit Attuma to their evil plan to resurrect the Serpent god. Meanwhile, Iron Man and the Sub-mariner battle Hydra and Attuma's forces at the Panama Canal. First back up story: "Can You Top This?" Story by David Wohl. Art by Gene Colan, John Byrne, and Keith Pollard. Villains from the past reflect on their favorite battles against Iron Man. Second back up story: "There Are No Wire Hangers Underwater!" Story by Fabian Nicieza. Art by Don Perlin and Don Ald. The Atlantean warrior, Andromeda, confronts Attuma. Third back up story: "The Saga of the Serpent Crown: Blood Feud" Story by Peter Sanderson. Art by Mark Bagley and Keith Williams. (Notes: The Atlantis Attacks saga continues in Uncanny X-men Annual 13. This annual contains a 7-page Iron Man art portfolio by Jackson Guice and Bob Layton.) 64 pages Cover price $2.00.

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