Iron Man (Marvel ) #254
  • Iron Man (Marvel ) #254

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    Published Mar 1990 by Marvel.

    "Graduation Day" Script and Art by Bob Layton. Cover by Bob Layton. Justin Hammer needs a new right-hand man to run his criminal organization! So he charges the Taskmaster with finding one! And after a rigorous training program, the Taskmaster believes he's found the person to be the next Spymaster! However one final test remains! The new Spymaster must steal the angel ornament atop the Stark Enterprises' Christmas tree! That sounds simple enough, but not if Iron Man shows up at the Christmas party too! Will the Spymaster play the role of Santa or Scrooge? First appearance of the third Spymaster. Cameo appearances by Jim Rhodes, Marcy Pearson, Rae LaCoste, and Mrs. Arbogast. (Note: The last page is a pin-up by John Romita Jr. and Bob Layton promoting the upcoming Armor Wars II storyline.) 32 pages. Cover price $1.00.