Iron Man (Marvel ) #9 CGC 9.6 Off -White To White Pages
  • Iron Man (Marvel ) #9 CGC 9.6 Off -White To White Pages

    SKU: 0913086017
    • Archie Goodwin story
    • George Tuska and Johnny Craig art 
    • Tuska, Craig and M. Severin cover
    • Mandarin and Hulk-Robot appearance.
    • Published Jan 1969 by Marvel.

    Hulk guests stars in "There Lives a Green Goliath" Part 1 of 3. Script by Archie Goodwin. Pencils by George Tuska. Inks by Johnny Craig. Cover by George Tuska. A mysterious villain has imported the Hulk to Manhattan, and sent the green goliath to get Tony Stark! After the Hulk kidnaps Janice Cord instead, the epic battle between Shell-head and the Incredible Hulk begins! But this really the Hulk...or something else? (Note: This issue was reprinted in Iron Man (1st series) 76.) Cover price $0.12.