Inhumans (Marvel ) #5 FN/VF
  • Inhumans (Marvel ) #5 FN/VF

    Published Mar 1999 by Marvel.

    Written by Paul Jenkins. Art and Cover by Jae Lee. Earth vs. Attilan -- war! The first salvo has been fired in the assault on the fabled Attilan, whose inhabitants must now decide between diplomacy and retaliation. And while Black Bolt and his closest confidantes weigh their options, the wheels of deception turn in the outside world, as Stalyenko turns to an unlikely source for aid in his campaign against the aliens that live at humanity's door. For all their power, can the Inhumans handle the lies, greed and politics of mankind? Plus: a special guest appearance by the Black Widow, who will soon be starring in her own Marvel Knights limited series! 32 pages, full color. Cover price $2.99.