Incredible Hulk (1962-1999 1st Series) #102 VG [Stains]
  • Incredible Hulk (1962-1999 1st Series) #102 VG [Stains]

    Published Apr 1968 by Marvel.

    Formerly Tales to Astonish. Cover pencils by Marie Severin, inks by Frank Giacoia. This World Not His Own!, script by Gary Friedrich, pencils by Marie Severin, inks by George Tuska and Syd Shores; Bruce Banner is falling down a bottomless pit back to Midgard when the Enchantress plucks him back to Asgard out of curiosity; The Warriors Three consult Oldar the Oracle and find out the origins of the Hulk; Captured by Enchantress and Executioner, Banner transforms into the Hulk which enrages the Executioner who has fought the jade giant before (back in TTA #77); Leaving the Hulk behind, the evil duo lead an army of trolls against Asgard and the Hulk arrives on the scene just in time to lend a hand in the victory of Odin's forces. House ad for Not Brand Echh #7 and Daredevil #38. 32 pgs. This issue picks up after the events of Tales to Astonish (1959-1968 1st Series) #101. Cover price $0.12.

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