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by Nutman, Brewer, & Arnold For the first time ever, the origin of Michael Myers is revealed in Halloween: Behind the Mask! On Halloween night, 1963, 6-year-old Michael Myers slaughtered his sister and was sent to the Smith's Grove Mental Hospital. In 1978 Michael escaped and, adopting the identity of "The Shape" (a.k.a. "The Bogeyman") returned to his hometown of Haddonfield and committed more murders... before mysteriously disappearing. In Halloween: Behind the Mask, Michael returns to Haddonfield to carve out another gruesome chapter in his bloody saga. What happened in Michael's early years in Smith's Grove? Is he a psychotic killer or a supernatural monster? Now you will go behind the mask and learn the dark secret of the Myers' family curse! Photo cover. FC, 32pg Cover price $2.95.

Halloween #1 (Chaos) VF

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