Green Lantern (2nd Series DC) #50 VF/NM [Emerald Twilight 3]
  • Green Lantern (2nd Series DC) #50 VF/NM [Emerald Twilight 3]

    Emerald Twilight: Part 3 of 3. "The Future!" Story by Ron Marz. Art by Darryl Banks and Romeo Tanghal. Don't miss the most startling conclusion of all. In order to stop a Hal Jordan who has gone mad with grief the Guardians of the Universe have unleashed the diabolical Sinestro, Hal's former mentor and greatest adversary. It's the final showdown - Hal Jordan vs. Sinestro to the death! Plus, the birth of a new hero and a new era in the life of Green Lantern. Things will never be the same again. Includes pin-ups of Green Lantern by Jeff Johnson and Terry Austin; Stuart Immonen and Karl Story; Tom Raney; Joe Phillips; Paul Pelletier and Mark Farmer; and Craig Hamilton. NOTE: 1st appearance of the Parallax and 2nd appearance of Kyle Rayner (1st appearance as Green Lantern). 52-page giant Cover price $2.95.

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