• Ghostbusters Diamond Select Toys Winston Zeddemore Action Figure

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    Winston Zeddemore Deluxe Action Figure With Accessories And Diorama Piece

    • WInston Zeddemore was raised in a religious household. but never believed much in the supernaturall before he came to work for the Ghostbusters. Brought on board to help the team's three founding members deal with a suspicious spike in paranormal activity, Winston reliably provided the extra manpower that wa needed. His enthusiasm for the job faltered slightly when he was arrested with the other Ghostbusters under suspicion of causing an environmental disaster, but the team was cindicated when they repelled an incursion into this dimension by the Sumerian god Gozer. This 7-inch-scale action figure is based on the 1984 feature film Ghostbusters, and fearyes multiple points of articulation as well as accessories and diaroma parts. It was sculpted by Gentle Gian Studios.
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