Fantastic Four (1961 1st Series) #132 FN+

Published Mar 1973 by Marvel.

"Omega! The Ultimate Enemy!" Part 2 of 2. Guest-starring Quicksilver and the Inhumans. Script by Roy Thomas. Art by John Buscema (breakdowns) and Joe Sinnott (finishes). Cover by Jim Steranko and Frank Giacoia. In the underground lair of the Alpha Primitives, the awesome Omega has seized Crystal! And now the Human Torch and Quicksilver must join forces to set her free! However, the massive android is powerful indeed! It's going to take all of the Inhumans plus Mr. Fantastic and the Thing to stop the invasion of the Alpha Primitives! Can the FF and the royal family defeat the Alphas and Omega? But even if the heroes win, Johnny Storm is still going to lose. (Notes: The Human Torch changes his costume from blue to red in this issue, and Medusa joins the Fantastic Four (through issue 159). The letters page contains a statement of ownership: average print run 457,990; average paid circulation 245,695.) 32 pages Cover price $0.20.

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