Fantastic Four (1961 1st Series) #123 VF/NM [Nixon Cover]
  • Fantastic Four (1961 1st Series) #123 VF/NM [Nixon Cover]

    Published Jun 1972 by Marvel.

    The Silver Surfer and Galactus guest star in "This World Enslaved! " Part 4 of 4 . Script by Stan Lee. Pencils by John Buscema. Inks by Joe Sinnott. Cover by Sal Buscema. With a bold maneuver, Reed Richards turns the tables on the Devourer of Worlds! After sneaking onboard Galactus' starship, Mr. Fantastic threatens to destroy it unless the cosmic Ravager departs from Earth immediately! Will Reed's gallant gamble succeed? Possibly so, but first Mr. Fantastic has to convince the Silver Surfer, Agatha Harkness, General Thunderbolt Ross, and President Richard Nixon to trust him! The FF are going "all in" vs. Galactus! Will it be blackjack or bust? Cameo appearance by Franklin. (Notes: Galactus appears next in Thor 225. The Fantastic Four tangle with Galactus again in FF 172 thru 175. This four-part story was reprinted in Marvel Treasury Edition 21. The letters page includes a letter from comics editor David McDonnell. This issue includes a full-page ad for the first issue of the Hero For Hire series, later renamed Power Man and Iron Fist.) Cover price $0.20.

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