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Published Oct 1970 by Marvel.

"At War with Atlantis!" Part 2 of 3. Guest-starring the Sub-Mariner. Script by Stan Lee. Pencils by John Romita. Inks by John Verpoorten. Cover by John Romita and John Verpoorten. The Avenging Son is in all-out attack mode as Atlantis' invasion fleet prepares to strike New York City! And the Master of Magnetism is at Namor's side pushing him into battle! Meanwhile at the Baxter Building, Mr. Fantastic contacts the White House asking for a chance to negotiate with the Sub-Mariner before the U.S. military responds. The president grants Reed Richards' request, so the Thing, Human Torch, and Mr. Fantastic head out to sea to confront the Prince of Atlantis! It's another awesome slugfest between the Sub-Mariner and the Fantastic Four! But while the fight rages in the ocean, Magneto commandeers Namor's flagship and puts his own plans of conquest into motion! Cameo appearances by President Richard Nixon, Lady Dorma, Agatha Harkness, and Franklin. 32 pages Cover price $0.15.

Fantastic Four #103 VG-

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