Doll Man Quarterly (1941 Quality) #37 GD-
  • Doll Man Quarterly (1941 Quality) #37 GD-

    Published Dec 1951 by Quality.

    If this issue's wonderfully bizarre bondage cover wasn't cool enough, it's also the first appearance of Dollgirl. This issue also features a Torchy story with pencils by Gill Fox. Battles the Skull; Martha is on a train reading up on will power when the train is raided by The Skull, who was after Darrel's crago of Thorium; Elmo is kenneled in the compartment and alerted Doll Man to the danger. The Construction Gig starring Torchy, art by Gill Fox. The Worshippers of the Golden Ram starring Doll Man, Miktar, and the Golden Ram worshippers. Desperate Journey starring Doll Man, pencils by Dan Zolnerowich. 36 pgs. $0.10. Cover price $0.10.

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