• Detective Comics (1937 1st Series) #411 VG/FN

    Cover by Neal Adams. Ra's Al Ghul and the first appearance of his daughter, Talia, in "Into the Den of the Death-Dealers!," script by Denny O'Neil, pencils by Bob Brown, inks by Dick Giordano; Batman scales the side of Gotham's Statue of Freedom for a secret meeting with an informant inside the torch; The informant wants police protection in exchange for turning over evidence on Doctor Darrk and the League of Assassins; Before the criminal can reveal anything however, an assassin sneaks into the chamber and stabs him from behind. "Cut... and Run!," script by Frank Robbins, pencils by Don Heck, inks by Dick Giordano; Continuing from last issue, Batgirl has stumbled upon criminal activity involving the latest fashion sensation of the worlds greatest fashion model Mamie Archeson, a discovery that has her strapped onto a fabric cutter by the crook known as Serpy. Letter of comment from letter hack Guy Lillian. 36 pgs., full color. $0.15. Cover price $0.15.

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